The Sun is For Everybody

What are you good at?

Singing, dancing, writing, acting…?

There’s a lot of wonders inside each one of us, we just have to discover where it’s hiding.

No matter what people say, if you really like something, stay true to it till the end.

Like dancing? Go crazy!

Like singing? Karaoke!

Like writing? Well…write!

Like acting? Create!

Anything. You can do anything if you work hard for it! Believe in yourself.

The sun is for everybody. For sure you have a spot under it. Everybody does.

It’s just waiting for you to wake up!

If you fall, get up. That’s the only way we learn from our mistakes!

Don’t ever give up.

Do your best and you’ll be rewarded.

Don’t stop believing.

  1. neko83chan diz:

    Keep On Dreaming All Your Life!
    I love it :DD

    Felt like one of the Bubz encouraging videos xDD
    Cheer me up!

    It’s HAPPY!

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