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The Boy in the Road

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She was walking down the road she always took to go back home, humming silly melodies, when she saw something that made her stop. Sitting in the middle of the road there was a boy embracing his legs, with his face buried in his arms.

Slowly, she approached the stranger. The little boy’s shoulders were shaking, so she assumed he was crying.

“Hey, little fella, what’s the matter?”, she asked, not really thinking she’d get an answer. “Why are you crying? Are you lost?”

The boy reacted to the sound of her voice and looked up. His swollen eyes showed he’s been crying for some time, and they expressed some kind of sadness. She didn’t know what to do, but she just felt she couldn’t leave him there.

“Look…I don’t know what happened to you or if whatever I’m gonna say is gonna work for something, but”, she began, “things will get better. How do I know? Well…I don’t.”, she laughed in a silly way.

The boy kept looking at her with his puppy eyes.

“You can be sure it’s not the end. If it was you’d be happy. Sometimes it might seem like it’s the end of the line, there’s no way to go anymore, but there’s always a light. It may not be visible at first, but if you look for it I’m pretty sure you’re gonna find it! You’re young, there’s still a lot of new roads for you to find and run. Don’t give up.”

He stopped crying, and she felt relieved that maybe her words did that.

“First of all, you gotta believe in yourself. You gotta like who you are, ‘cause that’s what really matters: how YOU feel about yourself, not what others think. Then you can raise your head and proudly say ‘I can do whatever! I’m strong! You can’t beat me!’ and keep living your life. I know it’s hard, specially when you have many scars, but it’s not impossible.”

A shy smile grew on his face.

“So…wipe away these tears, stand up and look to the horizon.”

She helped him get up. The boy cleaned his face with the back of his hand and took a deep breath. He looked at her and a big smile appeared on his lips. She smiled back.

“The future’s right there, right around the corner waiting for you to greet it with this beautiful soul of yours.”

He nodded excited.

“All you gotta do is take the first step. Are you ready?”

The little boy took a step forward and, with renewed strength, began walking alongside his new companion: the girl named Hope.

A silly little story.

It’s more like a thing for me to remember and stay strong no matter what’s going on.

Long time I don’t write here…sorry.

I can’t promise I will be back a lot, but I will try.

Hope you have a wonderful year!