Posted: 2011.Janeiro.20. in Dango Box, Meaningful Thoughts
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New year, new everything

You can make a change if you want to

So why not try something different?

Let’s smile more

Let’s laugh more

Let’s be sillier

Let’s dance more

Let’s fall in love

Let’s kiss with passion

Let’s sing out loud

Let’s learn from others

Let’s face ourselves

Let’s take more pictures

Let’s cry

Let’s take a trip

Let’s rock’n roll

Let’s shake the world

Let’s do whatever

Let’s do nothing

Let’s start something new

Let’s finish unfinished things

Let’s not be fooled by time

Let’s enjoy

Let’s live

Don’t be afraid to show who you really are

Be happy with who you are and what you have

Don’t copy somebody else

Let’s break the walls and fly into the infinite blue


Pra começar o ano, uma mensagem de incentivo.

Na verdade, acho que isso é mais pra mim do que qualquer outra coisa…XP


Jya ne


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